Our highways asset management service

Our highway asset management delivery team ensure your highway assets are being managed in the most effective and efficient way and are fulfilling legal obligations, meeting stakeholder needs and safeguarding the engineering integrity of your highway network. This can also act as your delivery mechanism to help your local authority unlock some of the £578 million funding set aside by the Secretary of State, which can be invested to further improve your highway network.

We can support your Highway Asset Management Framework which will reflect the guidance provided by the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) document ‘highway infrastructure asset management guidance' and the revised national code of practice ‘well-managed highways. Our pick and mix variety of highway asset management services can support the needs of your local authority.

These services include the development and delivery of highway/transport asset management plans and policies which will sit within the wider highway asset management framework as well as a variety of highway asset management strategies, including data management; performance management; investment and communications strategies and customer engagement. 

We can also run a series of workshops to develop and implement the advocated ‘risk based approach’ and analysis, conduct highway asset valuations, undertake life cycle planning for infrastructure assets, mentor and coach local authority teams and develop highway works programmes.  Guidance and support is also available for the submission of the highway self-assessment questionnaire to attain level 3 funding as well as webpage content to assist with the highway self-assessment submission requirements.

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A flexible approach

Working with your team, our extensive network of qualified and experienced in-house engineers and construction professionals can deliver and manage your entire project from design to completion, or you can pick and mix from our list of services to meet the specific needs of your project.

What our customers say:

“The successful delivery of this major highways project has had an instant positive impact on the Authority’s highway network. The scheme has been challenging and complex but was delivered with minimal disruption to the travelling public. The benefits to all highway users can clearly be seen.”

Mark Newlands, North Tyneside Council’s highways & infrastructure manager