Our infrastructure design service

Our engineering and infrastructure team deliver a comprehensive design service covering all aspects of highways, bridges and structures design.

We design and manage construction schemes ranging from major projects such as junction improvements, new roads and bridges, to smaller developments such as traffic calming, road safety schemes and pedestrian and cycle schemes.

Our services include highways and infrastructure design; bridge design, maintenance and inspections; drainage design; transport planning; traffic modelling; ecology surveys; geotechnical engineering services and topographical surveying.

We also offer flood and water management; landscape design; street lighting design; structural design and surveys; contract management and construction supervision as well as green infrastructure solutions.

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An end-to-end, professional approach

Our trusted team of engineers provide an end-to-end service relating to highways planning. From major infrastructure schemes to smaller developments, our experts work with you and other selected contractors to design and deliver compliant and successful highways and infrastructure projects

Other services within highways & infrastructure design

We provide street lighting expertise and support to local authority highway departments across the UK, saving councils’ money, energy and help improve community safety. Find out more here

Our Green Infrastructure Team can design and construct both for new developments and retrofit into existing sites. Download our brochure to find out more

What our customers & staff say:

“Our investment will also provide for 3,000 long-term jobs in Salford, construction employment and training opportunities and encourage the continued economic development of the entire Salford Central area, generating much needed business rates and rental returns.”

Mayor Dennet highway infrastructure: New Bailey Street, Salford

“This package of work is the first phase of the SBNI programme, bringing major enhancements to key elements of the Salford highway network. The improvements will create increased highway capacity, whilst also delivering improved bus, pedestrian and cyclist facilities. The teams across Urban Vision have done a great job, working closely together to progress the scheme through GMCA Growth Fund approvals, to a challenging programme associated with funding availability.”

Phil Kennedy, Urban Vision design director for major projects: Improving the transport network in Salford 

“Our team was delighted to design these works. Creating this continuous cycling and walking link not only provides new opportunities for the community to cycle and walk to work but it also increases the opportunity for leisure time and to enjoy Salford’s nature.”

Andy Stockton, associate director at Urban Vision: Walking & cycling routes in Salford