A comprehensive and compliant building control service

It’s important that all buildings and developments in your area remain safe and compliant at all times.

Our comprehensive building control services assist local authorities that do not have the capacity or expertise in-house to improve the management of their building regulations. Our services include support and advice for building standards compliance; design appraisal and site inspections; structural and fire engineering appraisals as well as sustainability advice, such as assisting clients to achieve carbon emission targets for new developments.

We can also undertake public safety assessments at sports grounds, secure open and derelict property, manage demolition projects, handle party wall and access surveys as well as providing on-going management and operational support.

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A flexible approach to building regulations

Our national team of building control experts can provide instant building control resilience support to local authorities that need immediate solutions.

This flexible service can be switched on or off, so you can fulfil all your building service demands as and when required. With online submission portals and payment procedures, along with the use of mobile technology for smarter working, this digital building control service can generate significant service and resourcing efficiencies.