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Local authorities, businesses and residents are faced with many challenges concerning environmental health. Today’s citizens expect modern and accessible services, such as reporting issues 24/7 online, monitoring progress and providing feedback. At the same time, the UK population is increasing, space is at a premium and as residents and business live and operate in closer proximity, it's likely to cause a rise in healt, safety and welfare complaints being reported to the local authority.

Capita offers a fully managed environmental health service that enables local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for environmental health. Our environmental health service encompasses a wide variety of areas, specifically food safety, health and safety, animal health, pollution, housing standards and port health.

Capita uses the latest technology and processes to transform your environmental health service. This means you can enhance health, safety and welfare standards in your community and improve compliance across your local authority. From investigating animal welfare complaints and air quality services, to food hygiene training and infectious disease control, our project management experience allows us to advise on small specialist development projects through to large scale projects

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Delivery models to suit you

We offer a range of delivery models from a fully-managed services to providing capacity and resilience to help you deal with peaks in service demand. We can also offer cost effective consultancy advice to rapidly progress planning applications using our Fast Track Consultancy Service.

With national delivery capability, Capita operates its environmental health services from two major shared service centres in London and North Tyneside, enabling our team to have a good understanding of the national picture in relation to environmental health, and to be responsive to local demands.

More information about our environmental health service

Capita’s environmental health services include:

  • Food, Health and Safety (FHS)
  • Public nuisance, noise and anti social behaviour
  • Pollution
  • Housing standards
  • Animal health
  • Port health

As an enforcement authority, Capita has a unique perspective to offer better regulatory protection to local authorities and businesses, significantly reducing the risk of enforcement action being taken against them.

With our knowledge and expertise, Capita understands the local planning approaches and the commercial pressures that businesses face, as well as being able to navigate the complex regulatory frameworks that surround environmental health.

Our consultants are highly qualified (ISO 9001 status) and are members of a number of professional bodies including the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Institute of Acoustics.

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