Our local land charges services

Local authorities are required to maintain the local land charges register as part of the general scheme of registration and the provision of local land charge searches still remains an important element in the process of buying property.

Capita is already responsible for the delivery of this service for a number of local authorities across the UK, where our team of experienced land charge experts provide this essential service to homebuyers, solicitors, conveyancers and anyone with any interest in land or property.

This is a fast and efficient service, which surpasses the Government’s set expectation of a 10-day turnaround time. Capita provides one of the fastest turnaround times for local land charge searches – between 3-8 days – with accurate and reliable results to help maximise revenue within your organisation, as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Moreover, we have fully digitised online, public local land registers for the four councils we currently provide a service for. This enables citizens to access data online. Alongside this we offer a single service hub shared across five local authorities to provide resilience for councils during peaks and troughs.

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A professional approach

We offer a fully managed local land charges service which enables local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for local land charges. Our experienced team of practitioners and technical specialists help you to deliver more innovative processes, optimising the use of your public sector assets for the benefit of your organisation and your customers. Our team are fully trained and up to date on all legislative requirements relating to land charges.

How we deliver our local land charges service

Our land charges service team:

  • Maintain the local land charges register, recording all entries registered against properties within the relevant borough
  • Have fully digitalised local land charges registers for four councils and have developed expertise in the digitisation of these services
  • Respond to enquiries (forms LLC1 & Con29 R&O), providing applicants with the details of entries on the local land charges register (search requests)
  • Provide consultancy advice on data cleansing and digitisation of services

Capita is already responsible for delivery of land charges services for a number of local authorities, including:

  • The London Borough of Barnet
  • South Oxfordshire District Council
  • Vale of White Horse
  • Hart District Council
  • Havant District Council
  • Mendip District Council
  • Breckland District Council

Capita has led the way in delivering electronic local land registers along with single service hub for a number of councils. Our combined knowledge and expertise in running this service is extensive with a skilled, adaptable and professional workforce.

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