Our trading standards service

As local authorities continue to experience reduced funding across many services, trading standards is typically always under resourced and unable to meet the ever increasing demand for its services, especially when the number of scams seem to be on the rise.

Often difficult decisions have to be made on the best place to target resources to meet all priorities.

Capita’s trading standards teams can relieve the pressure on local authorities by providing protection for the public in consumer matters by enforcing consumer law. We can also support local businesses, giving advice on the law and how it applies to them, as well as helping consumers by providing information leaflets, press releases and talks to community groups.

Our highly experienced team can also undertake specific targeted action and campaigns where a number of consumers have raised similar issues. We have previously been successful in tackling rogue landlords, managed an operation to eradicate fake phone charges within the North East and combatted rogue traders across London.

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A professional approach

Capita offers a fully managed trading standards service that enables local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for trading standards.

Using shared services, among several local authorities, we can share intelligence and networking, along with best practices to deliver greater efficiencies and offer a better customer experience

More information about our trading standards service:

We ensure businesses compete in a fair and safe manner for the benefit of both consumers and legitimate traders. We work with customers across the full range of trading standards.

This includes:

  • Fair trading
  • Safety of consumer products
  • Product counterfeiting
  • Underage sales of age restricted goods
  • Consumer credit
  • Doorstep and internet crime
  • Explosives storage
  • Weights and measures (including certification of public weighbridge operators)

With over 20 years experience, we can offer resilience services to local authorities to help manage unexpected peaks in trading standards service demands as and when required.

Our trading standards experts can also offer bespoke advice and assistance to support well run businesses in ensuring compliance and improve the general standards within their business.