Our empty homes review service

The government is tackling the problem of empty properties through the New Homes Bonus (NHB). The NHB is a grant paid to local authorities for increasing the number of homes in use and is available for bringing empty homes back into use. By reviewing empty homes across your local authority, you can identify properties that have been brought back into occupancy, qualify for the New Homes Bonus grant and maximise revenue.

Our empty homes review service helps you identify empty houses to bring back into use, enabling you to maximise revenue from the New Homes Bonus (NHB) grant and increase council tax collection.

Using specialist credit reference data, our team will identify properties that are registered as empty for at least six months and which show evidence of occupancy. They will also carry out physical property inspections to verify occupancy and assess whether each home brought back into use is eligible to receive the NHB grant.

Furthermore, the team will check whether the residents are required to pay council tax on the property and update your council tax records with the latest information.

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A low risk approach

Our empty homes review service is fully-managed and low-risk, so there is upfront investment required, nor any or additional work for your employees.

Working with our dedicated team of experts, this end-to-end service helps you create more accurate council tax and empty property records, all within a pre-agreed timeframe, to increase revenue through both the New Homes Bonus grant and council tax collections.

What our customers say:

"Capita’s empty homes service allowed us to identify sixty seven properties across Plymouth which were no longer vacant. As a result, over the next six years, Plymouth City Council will be awarded in excess of £400,000 in additional new homes bonus grant from DCLG"

Malcom Coe, assistant director for finance, efficiencies, technology & assets, Plymouth City Council