What we do

We are dedicated to making processes smarter, organisations more efficient and customer experiences better.

We unlock value by applying talent and technology – for you, your organisation and our communities.

Capita Local Public Services delivers a wide range of specialist services to local authorities, schools, academies and other public sector organisations, including IT and digital transformation, customer management, revenues, benefits, finance, property development and regulatory services, education support and back office processing.

This helps our customers to save money, become financially sustainable and create social value that creates thriving and prosperous places. Find out more, here.

How we can help you

Our experience in transforming public sector corporate services and administration functions means you can improve productivity, enhance performance, lower the cost and improve customer satisfaction.

By making the most of your assets, improving processes and securing funding, we can help you to maximise income to reduce the funding gap and improve financial sustainability.

Our range of property, planning, engineering and regulatory services to the local government, health and education sectors help you to create thriving and sustainable places that people want to invest, live, work and play.

We can provide access to additional resources to work alongside your in-house delivery or offer extra capacity during peaks in demand, specific projects or during workforce shortages.

Technology is at the heart of every innovation that we develop. Working with us, you’ll get the digital solutions that address the needs of your organisation and customer needs.

By partnering with us, we can improve the customer experience, reduce your costs, speed up processes and help you adapt to digital advances across local government, housing and the health and social care sector.

Building on over three decades of experience in local government, we are a trusted pair of hands to support you with the challenges of delivering adult social care support services, government cuts and changing regulation from the 2014 Care Act.

As the leading provider of support services in education, we can help you react speedily and securely to changes in the sector – in schools, academies and local authorities.

We work in partnership with schools, academies and local authorities to support young people and adults to develop their employability and skills

Blue Badge Application Service

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The average customer journey time, between making first point of contact to receiving their Blue Badge, has now dropped from 30 days to 19 days. This number of days is dropping consistently every month.

West Sussex County Council

Dynamic Purchasing System


We believe that the introduction of a Framework Agreement and a micro-procurement process provides greater transparency to people in need of care, carers, care providers and the Council. It promotes and reward the use of services that are achieving and maintaining high degrees of quality.

Jules Gregory, Market Manager, Birmingham City Council

School Building Property Maintenance Programme


Due to the scale, expertise and experience of our teams, we completed the programme of works on time every year, across the entire five year term of this project.

School Building Property Maintenance Programme