Helping to keep children safe online

ICT in school is a positive learning tool. We ensure you have the right technology and software in place to keep children safe online.

Our integrated suite of software manages all online safeguarding concerns. Provided by our specialist education businesses Entrust and Link2ICT, we offer a holistic view of potential safeguarding issues, ensuring all concerns are monitored, recorded and managed in an efficient and legally responsible way.

Our suite of safeguarding software and services include:



MyConcern® is a simple to use, safe and secure software for recording and managing all safeguarding concerns. Your employees can record and manage any safeguarding concern quickly and more effectively. This automatically notifies their safeguarding lead for assessment and ongoing monitoring and intervention. 

Digital monitoring service

We provide a team of safeguarding specialists that will proactively monitor the Policy Central on your behalf. Our teams are able to quickly capture and grade issues based on severity and escalate issues to the safeguarding lead for intervention. You will also receive regular reports of safeguarding incidents that have been recorded across your school.

Whole School Safeguarding

 As well as keeping your pupils safe online we also offer a broad range of safeguarding training and guidance such as:

  • nationally accredited Safer Recruitment training
  • online safety training for school leaders, governors, parents and pupils
  • guidance and consultancy around the Prevent agenda and Ofsted requirements
  • personal development, behviour and wellbeing support.


Content monitoring software - Policy Central

Policy Central gives you a better way to monitor and track online activity on electronic resources within your school. It protects your students by monitoring, capturing and alerting you to potentially harmful content or behaviour, meaning you can quickly respond and intervene against online dangers.

Classroom management-  NetSupport School 

NetSupport School enables schools to monitor pupils’ online behaviour more effectively and educate them about using the internet safely. NetSupport School gives you real time monitoring and control of online activity. Dashboards provide live information of online applications being used in the classroom and teachers can make silent requests for assistance when concerns occur.

Download our brochure to find out more about our safeguarding services in schools.  

Link2ICT Digital Monitoring Service


With pupils researching so much more online, this service has enabled us to quickly pick up on areas that could be a potential concern. At times, items flagged have resulted in pupils gaining additional support from relevant agencies and being effectively safeguarded. We are confident that our use of the Link2ICT Monitoring Service helps us to fulfil our safeguarding obligations

Link2ICT's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

MyConcern at Hilbre High School


I feel the school is a safer place, we are able to react quickly to new issues, and it enables a much more proactive approach to safeguarding in general

David White, Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Entrust making a difference to children, young people and schools

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The Council and Capita have created a joint venture brimming with innovative ideas and practical solutions and, four years on, there are real results and positive feedback from both schools and parents. At a time when school budgets are in the spotlight, Entrust is a ground-breaking move that is making a true difference to children and young people – and delivering long-term economic and financial benefits.

John Tradewell Director of strategy, governance and change, Staffordshire County Council