Supporting organisations to navigate the apprenticeship reforms

We work with local authorities and academies to help them deliver their apprenticeship programmes

Navigating the apprenticeship reforms is no easy task! The apprenticeship reforms provide you with a fantastic opportunity to develop new talent, whether through new recruits or existing staff. By offering apprenticeships, you can ensure your future workforce has the required skills that your business needs to excel.

We work with you to diagnose your need and co-design a bespoke learning and development package that will ensure your apprentices are committed and contribute to your business drivers, your organisational culture and your quality standards. Our offer, underpinned by our toolkit, will provide you with the necessary guidance, information, tools and templates to support you throughout.

Five reasons to get the most out of your levy...

• 83% of employers who employ apprentices rely on their apprenticeships programme to provide the skilled workers that they need for the future 
• 80% of companies who invest in apprentices have reported a significant increase in employee retention 
• 92% of employers who employ apprentices believe that apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce 
• 57% report a high proportion of their apprentices going on to management positions within the company 
• 81% of consumers favour using a company which takes on apprentices

Source: Skills Training UK

We are a top provider of government funded apprenticeship programmes, supporting hundreds of local and regional employers develop bespoke training programmes to meet business needs, and are here to help.

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How did we help Salford City Council take one giant leap with 8 great steps?


“This partnership has never been about just delivering significant efficiency savings. It’s about place, growth and jobs – and the people of Salford. Our priorities are firmly aligned with the Council’s vision, which means we also place social value at the heart of what we do.”

Barry Pilkington, Urban Vision’s Partnership Director

Providing building control support to Lancaster City Council

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By adding extra capacity, Lancaster City Council was able to provide a high level of service to its customers

Lancaster City Council

Entrust: Inspiring futures through outcomes-focussed partnerships


The Council and Capita have created a joint venture brimming with innovative ideas and practical solutions and, two and a half years on, there are real results and positive feedback from both schools and parents. At a time when school budgets are in the spotlight, Entrust is a ground-breaking move that is making a true difference to children and young people – and delivering long-term economic and financial benefits.

John Tradewell, Director of Democracy, Law and Transformation, Staffordshire County Council