Careers advice & guidance

Empowering young people to make well informed decisions about their future

We help schools, academies and local authorities to meet their statutory obligations with regards to providing careers guidance and supporting NEETs

We deliver expert and modern careers guidance, empowering pupils to make well informed, realistic and aspirational decisions about their future.

Through the provision of high quality, independent and impartial guidance, we can support schools and local authorities to meet their statutory obligations with regards to providing careers guidance and supporting NEETs.

Our range of inspiring careers interventions support pupils to:

• Make informed decisions within education and beyond.
• Explore learning pathways.
• Set themselves challenging yet realistic career goals.
• Gain the skills required by local and national employers.

In Staffordshire, where we are commissioned by the county council to support those young people at risk of becoming NEET, 97% of young people identified progressed into an opportunity with structured learning. Through the Quality in careers standard, we can also work closely with schools to demonstrate excellence in their careers education, information, advice and guidance provision.

This national accreditation will:

• Provide Ofsted with compelling evidence about the quality and impartiality of your CEIAG provision.
• Inspire both students and teachers to be ambitious and aspirational in career planning.
• Demonstrate your commitment to CEIAG to parents, students and stakeholders.
• Verify you are meeting/exceeding statutory duties relating to CEIAG.

We are matrix accredited and one of 13 providers nationally who can externally assess your CEIAG programme and accredit your provision with the Quality in careers standard award.

For more information, contact Entrust by calling 0333 300 1900 or emailing

Providing building control support to Lancaster City Council

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By adding extra capacity, Lancaster City Council was able to provide a high level of service to its customers

Lancaster City Council

How did we help Salford City Council take one giant leap with 8 great steps?


“This partnership has never been about just delivering significant efficiency savings. It’s about place, growth and jobs – and the people of Salford. Our priorities are firmly aligned with the Council’s vision, which means we also place social value at the heart of what we do.”

Barry Pilkington, Urban Vision’s Partnership Director

Entrust making a difference to children, young people and schools

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The Council and Capita have created a joint venture brimming with innovative ideas and practical solutions and, four years on, there are real results and positive feedback from both schools and parents. At a time when school budgets are in the spotlight, Entrust is a ground-breaking move that is making a true difference to children and young people – and delivering long-term economic and financial benefits.

John Tradewell Director of strategy, governance and change, Staffordshire County Council