Digital specialists

Practical solutions to optimise digital across your organisation

We deliver digital projects in local authorities that transform the customer experience and make radical operational savings across your customer service and back office administrative functions.

Investment in digital software and processes has rocketed over the last 20 years. Customers now expect public services to be available online and easy to use.

But digital is not just about implementing technology. Councils need to regularly challenge if their service is digitally optimised to achieve the right outcomes. Done right, you can deliver end-to-end digital services that transform the customer experience and make radical operational savings across customer service and back office-administrative functions.

Digital change: different stages of maturity

While there is no final destination for digital, there are stages of maturity. Our digital maturity curve helps paint a picture of where your organisation is now and where we can help you move to now and in the future.

Across Capita, we can offer support and technology at each stage of the digital change process. Within Capita local public services, we specialise in the digital pragmatism stage, which is all about using digital tools and techniques to optimise your current processes. 

Our local government digital specialists  help you to make ‘multiple marginal gains.’ We use an evidence-based approach, based on GDS principles, to deliver incremental improvements across your digital delivery. And we’re uniquely placed to make this happen - combining the best of our unrivalled local government experience, with specialist customer management,  operational efficiency and ICT solutions and capability.  Download our digital specialists’ brochure to find out more.

How we can help

We bring the best of local government experience with diverse digital capability, helping you to:

Taking an agile approach to shaping your customer facing solutions.

Bringing the solution together to make the end to end process work

Supporting the go-live and the operation of the new digital system

Our digital specialist team can work alongside your organisation to identify and deliver projects that re-design the customer journey and optimise your software and applications. We help you to shape, make and change your online services. Our support is available to you at any stage of this process or through the full lifecycle based on what you need.

Watch our digital specialists video to find out more:
How we are supporting our customers

We have delivered a number of digital projects for our customers. Read our case studies on improving the usability of e-forms and how we created a better digital customer experience at West Sussex County Council or how we made online the number one choice when applying for parking permits in Southampton.

Benefits to you
  • Customer centric approach to design, based on research of how customers use systems
  • Cost savings across your customer services and back office administrative functions
  • An increase in customers using online channels
  • Managed approach to digital exclusion & customer advocacy to support channel shift
  • Reduction in the number of calls made to the contact centre and use of face to face channels
  • Improved customer satisfaction across all channels
  • A low risk approach to achieving and maximising your digital objectives
  • Access to multi-disciplinary digital specialists and capacity
  • Digital service design principles that are aligned to GDS and SOCITM digital guidance
  • Flexibility to deliver small one-off projects right through to ongoing transformation support
  • Options for income generation, through commercialisation of services
  • Targeted work packages designed to provide a rapid return on your investment
Flexible approach to delivery

We work alongside your organisation’s transformation and service delivery team to co-design, provide capacity and implement digital projects. You can utilise our digital specialists for a one-off project right through to supporting ongoing transformation.  

How e-forms improved the usability of West Sussex County Council’s website


Prior to the current e-form, an initial referral would take, on average, 2 hours to process. With the Umbraco form, an initial referral takes approximately 1 hour to process. This includes saving, printing and copying all attachments.

West Sussex Council Officer, Special Needs Assessment team

Creating a better digital customer experience at West Sussex County Council


The number of pages on the West Sussex County Council website was reduced from 7,000 to just 1,400 pages

West Sussex County Council

Making online the number one choice when applying for parking permits in Southampton

Civic building.png

I enjoyed working with a great team from Capita to re-design the parking permit application and renewals process. Cross functional workshops saw representatives from many areas working together putting the Customer at the heart to streamline processes, provide an online option whilst reducing the cost to serve. Overall a great success that puts Southampton First and at the forefront of Digital change.

Richard Alderson, Service Manager Parking and Itchen Bridge, Southampton City Council