Planning resilience

Supporting local authorities with planning resource and expertise

At Capita Local Public Services, we understand that local authorities are increasingly facing financial pressures which has inevitably had a knock on effect on their available resources and expertise across council services. Local authority planning departments are specifically coming under more and more strain as planning case loads are increasing and internal planning resource and expertise is diminishing significantly.

As a result, many local authorities are struggling and in some cases failing to meet their planning statutory requirements and government targets, resulting in financial penalties, reduced income to the Council from planning application fees and delays in planning application decisions, slowing down the rate of development in an area. Download our planning resilience brochure.

How can we help?

We can provide local authorities with immediate planning resilience support, including planning policy and development management. It is designed for local authorities who need immediate solutions and a flexible service which can be switched on and off as required. More specifically, we can assist local authorities that do not have the in-house capacity to meet their service demands or the in-house capability and expertise to deal with certain planning requirements. 

Your choice of delivery 
Remote service delivery 

Providing resources from one of our planning shared service centres of excellence. Resources do not have to travel on site and we have retained responsibility for service delivery to an agreed specification (service level agreement). This option is suitable for local authorities who are dealing with a backlog of applications, having already undertaken a proportion of the work on the applications, including the site visits, with only tasks which can be completed remotely left to complete

Local service delivery 

Providing resources from one of our planning shared service centres of excellence. The support would form the basis of a secondment type arrangement, with a significant proportion of the officers time spend in your office, under your direct supervision. This option is suitable for local authorities who want to retain a high level of control over the resource

Blended service delivery 

Providing resources from one of our planning hubs. Limited amount of time is spent on site to complete essential tasks such as site visits and meetings and then return to the hub to process all types of planning applications. This option is suitable for local authorities which are seeking to maximise productivity (compared to a local delivery solution). 

Providing planning resilience support to Warrington Borough Council


The sheer volume of planning applications dealt with by Capita has been very impressive and helped us immensely during a period when our planning section was under severe pressure

Richard Evans, Principal Planner, Warrington Borough Council

Providing building control support to Lancaster City Council

Image 2.jpg

By adding extra capacity, Lancaster City Council was able to provide a high level of service to its customers

Lancaster City Council

Planning capacity support to Wyre Council


One of the best elements of the service was how well Capita’s planner integrated into the Council’s team

Lyndsey Hayes, Interim Head of Development Management, Wyre Borough Council.