Supporting social care

Supporting high-quality and cost effective social care

Building on over three decades of experience in local government, we are a trusted pair of hands to support you with the challenges of delivering adult social care support services, government cuts and changing regulation from the 2014 Care Act.

Adult social care is a one of the biggest financial challenges that local authorities are currently facing.

We have services and solutions targeted at lowering the cost, preventing demand and freeing up care professionals to deliver these essential services for people in your community.

As experts in delivery and implementation, Capita Local Public Services has a clear understanding of both health and social care.

How we can help

Capita Local Public Services can help local authorities deliver care assessments and reviews to shrink immediate backlogs, reduce long-term demand and promote independence.

Capita Local Public Services adult social care triage and initial assessment service provides an integrated, single point of access for referrals from community health, social and health care professionals, people in need of care – their families and carers.

Capita Local Public Services range of social care self-support, information and self-assessment solutions help to put citizens in control of their care needs, promote healthy outcomes and prevent demand on your adult social care services.

Capita Local Public Services play an important role handling the wide range of financial management and administration to support the delivery of social care services - for both local authorities and citizens.

Capita Local Public Services insight service is proven to help local authorities understand and shape the delivery of social care services to prevent, delay and deflect demand and enable care teams to run their services in a more targeted and efficient way.

Dynamic Purchasing System


We believe that the introduction of a Framework Agreement and a micro-procurement process provides greater transparency to people in need of care, carers, care providers and the Council. It promotes and reward the use of services that are achieving and maintaining high degrees of quality.

Jules Gregory, Market Manager, Birmingham City Council

Weston Court Sheltered Accomodation


Residents really like the refurbishment works and have provided some very positive comments! Thank you for everything you have done on the project - not at times an easy job but the end results are great!

Support Services Project Manager, Southampton City Council

Blue Badge Application Service

Disabled Parking.jpg

The average customer journey time, between making first point of contact to receiving their Blue Badge, has now dropped from 30 days to 19 days. This number of days is dropping consistently every month.

West Sussex County Council