Council tax & business rates

Capita can manage your full council tax and business rates billing and collection services to maximise collection rates and generate additional revenue by identifying new and increased debt.

Reduce pressure on shrinking budgets and maximise revenue collection through our proven range of council tax and business rates services and solutions.

Changes in legislation have placed increasing pressures on local authorities to become more financially self-sufficient.

Find out how we helped the London Borough of Bexley achieve its highest ever council tax collection rates, or download our council tax and business rates brochure.

Increasing council tax collection and identifying and validating new rateable value can be costly and time consuming. Many towns and cities are also rapidly regenerating -  building new homes, office premises and attracting businesses to the area. This is placing greater demands on local revenues teams and, with pressure on budgets and in-house resources, investment in new technology, data solutions and staff can also be challenging.

We can provide a fully managed council tax and/or business rates service as well as standalone projects to review discounts and exemptions or identify new and increased rateable values to generate additional revenue. We help you to unlock value, reduce pressure on shrinking budgets and provide additional income to invest in local services.  

How it works:

We can manage the full billing, collection and recovery cycle for both council tax and business rates to target both in-year and historic debt; we undertake data matching and analysis to validate discounts and exemptions to increase council revenue along with all customer contact activity associated with these standalone reviews; we also identify and manage the addition of new and increased rateable values to your rating list that can further increase income collection.

We’re able to work with your local IT system or implement our own market-leading solutions. Equally we are flexible in the way we work with you – from one off projects or providing capacity to support your in-house teams through to fully-managed service provision which can be provided locally or from our network of specialist shared service centres across the UK. 

Why Capita?

Revenues services are in Capita’s roots and for over 30 years we’ve been the market leader and trusted partner for delivering revenues services for councils – services which continue to evolve to meet the requirements of local need, new legislation, technology and ways of working. Using a talented pool of over 2,800 processing staff and specialist teams, keeping up-to-date with service innovation and a range of delivery models, we can deliver best-in-class solutions tailored to your needs.

Supporting your wider needs

Income collection is not limited to fully managed council tax and business rates services. You can also benefit from our wider suite of specialist services, including empty homes review, single person discount reviews, and digital service design that can maximise revenue, improve collection and support your digital agenda.

Capita helps Bexley achieve highest ever Council tax collection rates


Giving people the chance to make online payments, set up their housing benefit claims and Direct Debit orders from the website, and to inform us of any changes in their circumstances has helped our tax collection rate rise significantly. We are looking forward to continuing to improve outcomes and help residents by working with Capita over the coming years.

Cllr Teresa O’Neill Council Leader, London Borough of Bexley

Digital transformation and year on year revenues collection improvements at Bexley

Built up housing.jpg

To see continued improvements year-on-year since we have worked with Capita is really pleasing. These are the best ever collection rates which supports us in becoming more financially sustainable and driving our wider ambition of making Bexley the easiest Council to pay in the country

Mark Underwood, Head of Exchequer Services, London Borough of Bexley

Reviewing single person discount entitlements


The whole process was managed quickly and efficiently and we had a service manager from Capita to oversee the entire review. The review was completed within three months, meaning the discount for non-eligible residents could be removed swiftly. This allowed us sufficient time to collect the additional council tax.

Steve Hendon, Income Collection Manager, Newport City Council