Regulatory services

Generating new revenue, creating efficiencies and reducing the cost of regulatory services

Our highly experienced trading standards, environmental health, licensing and local land charges teams help local authorities across the UK to generate revenue, create efficiencies and reduce the cost of regulatory services.

We offer fully-managed regulatory services which enable local authorities to meet their regulatory obligations for environmental health, trading standards, licensing and public health.

Our experienced team of practitioners and technical specialists help you to deliver more innovative processes, optimise the use of your public sector assets and identify funding opportunities to generate revenue streams for your organisation.

By combining regulatory services with our commercialisation programme, we can enhance outcomes and generate revenue, economic development and social value.

Environmental health

We use the latest technology and processes to transform your environmental health service. This means you can enhance health, safety and welfare standards in your community and improve compliance across your local enterprise.

Our environmental health service covers:

  • health and safety at work
  • food safety and standards
  • infectious disease control
  • scientific services
  • private sector housing (including empty properties)
  • public health
  • project management and disabled facilities grants
  • pest control treatments
  • pollution control
  • environmental consultancy
  • business advice and primary authority.
Trading standards

We ensure businesses compete in a fair and safe manner for the benefit of both consumers and legitimate traders.

We work with customer across the full range of trading standards. This includes:

  • fair trading
  • safety of consumer goods
  • animal Health and Welfare
  • product counterfeiting
  • food standards and composition
  • underage sales
  • standards and composition of animal feeds
  • consumer credit
  • doorstep crime
  • explosives storage
  • weights and measures (including certification of public weighbridge operators)
  • port health
  • business advice and primary authority.

Using digital innovation our licensing team transform the process and time it takes to administer and resolve licensing applications to support greater efficiencies and a better customer experience.

We work across all major areas of licensing including:

  • licensing of premises, the Licensing Act 2003 and personal licences
  • event safety
  • the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013
  • taxi licensing
  • animal welfare licences
  • the Gambling Act 2005
  • assisted licence applications and advice.
Land charges

Our team of experienced land charge experts are dedicated to providing a fast, efficient and professional local land charges service to help maximise revenue within your organisation. We provide one of the fastest turnaround times for local land charge searches with accurate and reliable results.

Our land charges service team:

  • maintain the local land charges register, recording all entries registered against properties within the relevant borough
  • have a fully digitalised local land charges register and have developed expertise in the digitisation of these services
  • respond to enquiries (forms LLC1 & Con29 R&O), providing applicants with the details of entries on the local land charges register (search requests)
  • provide consultancy advice on data cleansing and digitisation of services.
Bereavement services 

We sensitively support the needs of bereaved people in your community by delivering a fully managed service for cemeteries, crematoria and provide a range of options for memorialisation.

Our services include:

  • provision of burial and cremation services for all denominations
  • cemetery and crematorium management
  • cremator replacement procurement and project management
  • memorial procurement and sales
  • Mausoleum construction and sales
  • grave reclamation and re-use
  • procurement of new cemeteries and development
  • cost reduction and control

Download our brochure to find out about Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium.

New Bailey rain garden and SuDS scheme


Adding greenery and interpretive paving has improved the overall aesthetic of New Bailey Gateway.

Urban Vision’s Highways Team

East Ordsall Lane Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) Scheme


East Ordsall Lane was picked for a sustainable drainage system scheme due to the street being located in a built up ‘grey’ urban area in need of some greenery.

Urban Vision’s landscape architects, drainage engineers and highway engineers

Delivering Blackburn and Darwen’s LED street lighting retrofit

LED Case Study.jpg

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in replacing the old sodium orange street lights with the new LED soft white ones. It had made such a difference when I go out at night! The new lighting is clearly more environmentally friendly and economical, so congratulations all round, and keep up the good work

Resident of Blackburn