A comprehensive and cost-effective service

The public sector needs to find ways to fill the ongoing funding gap, protect vital services and achieve economic prosperity.

Capita helps the public sector achieve these outcomes to unlock value for your organisation and local communities. Whether it’s providing short-term additional capacity to your in-house teams, or long-term and fully-managed partnerships, we have the solutions, innovation and expertise to help you improve performance, lower the cost, generate revenue and leverage digital technology.

We are also listed on a wide range of procurement frameworks, helping you to source our services directly and more cost effectively. These work alongside arrangements and procurement frameworks, give you the flexibility you need to deliver new ways of working and to unlock value for your organisation and local community.

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A flexible approach

Capita’s roots are in the public sector and over the last three decades the market has evolved significantly. Now more than ever organisations are looking for flexible ways to partner with the private sector and we are well placed to support this ambition through our wide range and proven partnership models and procurement routes.  

Flexible delivery models to suit you

Our specialist teams are fully-trained in a range of local government corporate functions, statutory services and back office support to work alongside your in-house teams or provide additional capacity for specific projects or seasonal periods and peaks. We have a shared service infrastructure across the UK, which can ‘plug-in’ and can work alongside your organisation, systems and policies to provide to guarantee a seamless service at a lower cost.

Combining the right technology, skills and strategies that meet your needs, Capita has a proven track record of delivering fully-managed, outsourced services on behalf of public sector organisations. We help you to transform services, deliver cost saving efficiencies, maximise your assets to generate new revenue streams and help you achieve better outcomes for local communities.

Our portfolio of partnership arrangements offer you choice based on the size and complexity of your organisation.

Joint ventures:

Our innovative, joint venture commercial models bring together the best of public and private sector delivery against a challenging financial backdrop. By creating a new legal entity with our local authority partners, we share the ownership, decision-making and opportunities for business growth.

We operate a number of joint ventures across the local government and education sector, including Entrust, Regional Enterprise Ltd and Urban Vision, which are demonstrating proven benefits of service delivery and helping the public sector organisation become more financially sustainable.

Commercial partnerships:

When delivering services for a client, we can jointly develop commercial models and frameworks within the contract. This enables other public sector organisations to procure these services directly through the partnership. It creates new revenue streams for our partner organisation and offers commissioning organisations a more direct and cost-effective procurement route with access to best practice, standardised solutions.  

Public sector organisations can make substantial savings from sharing central resources with the private sector or your public sector peers. , This includes rationalising premises, integrating systems, sharing skilled resources and standardising processes to reduce your budget deficit.

 Capita runs a number of success shared-service partnerships. Across the country, we have a network of state-of-the-art shared service hubs able to deliver a broad range of services from payments, processing and revenues collections to customer management and regulatory services.

Capita is registered on various procurement catalogues, providing you with choice and direct access to purchasing our service. Procuring our services through a framework gives you access to best practice transactional services. You will also save time and money when going out to tender and have a more efficient procurement process, with access to standardised forms, contracts and templates to help make the and through the procurement process. Many frameworks also offer other guaranteed benefits as part of the contract, from providing employment and skills opportunities to funding and supporting local social and economic regeneration. Here are just a few of the frameworks that we are listed on:

Our partners say:

This partnership helps us to collect council tax and business rates in an effective way, while offering good customer service. This income pays for vital services, which have a positive impact on residents’ lives.

Cllr Rachael Robathan, Westminster City Council Cabinet member for finance, property and regeneration.